In the Hour of the Wolf

by The Great Wilderness

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First LP by The Great Wilderness.


released November 15, 2013

Recorded by D. Ortuño, R. Bustamante and G. Tassara of Miüt Studios
Mixed and mastered by Jesse Alvarado at Sonic Response productions, California. (
Produced by: TGW & Daniel Ortuño
Tracks written by TGW
Art by Claudia Toloni




The Great Wilderness San José, Costa Rica

The Great Wilderness is a dream rock band from San José, Costa Rica influenced by British post punk, alternative rock and inspired by bands such as B.R.M.C., The Big Pink, M83, Joy Division and Sonic Youth.

They have released two EPs, Afterimages of Glowing Visions (2010) and Tiny Monsters (2010), along with a stand alone single, Dark Horse (2011) and an LP, In the Hour of the Wolf (2013).
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Track Name: Vonnegut
Track Name: Hexagon
Have you ever seen such pretty skies?
Hey you never thought you’d reach these heights
He left the spear to brace her heart
The killing moon, the blushing bride
The howling wolf, the shrieking man

Say I’m awake I’m alive

Find a way to scream beyond your mind
Take a breath and think of what you’ve done
The shadows roam this sweating room
I’ve seen the light shape-shifting fool
And now I’m back, just wait to meet this loon

Say I’m awake I’m alive
Track Name: (Dawn) Platonic
This is the day and this is the night
the dawn of storms and rebels
I’m alive, this fear won’t last for long
Walking away, I’ll run through the lost roads
the year of knives and torches
when the Sun burns down

See it rise in the East
It’s coming for me
The light in your eyes

Calling me back home
that place of green
the richest sea
the faces known
in disguise
they know my name
and keep rolling their eyes at me
losing the young ones to pride

Wishing you’d stay I’d wake up at night
and think my way till morning
this town won’t come down
Pray for my foes and bring them to ashes
oh child they will not help you
I can’t fight your war

Find your way in the street
they’re waiting for me
no light in your eyes


There’s no way out
lost in the sea
the faces known
in disguise
even now
they keep rolling their eyes at me
fearful they look at the Sun
Track Name: Wetlands
Wait, wait for me
I’ve been trying
Feel, feel the need
to destroy

Seemingly sound and sane
leave him out in the rain
picking fights, crashing trains
oh how fun

All, all those years
that you wasted
this is it, this is it
why you crying?
where you gonna run?
who you gonna call for?
always seem to know
always prone to wait
for the waves
Track Name: The Seer
I stood waiting
with my eyes eyes open
with my eyes wide open
looking out

She was fading
leaving hearts heartbroken
leaving hearts heartbroken
it was over

Expecting and training
in dark dark waters
these are dangerous waters
and times

Now that you’ve heard me
and my cheap cheap chances
there were three men glancing
it was over

Science and humans
turning time and tables
twisting bones and tearing
flesh apart

Taken the hits
I’ve seen the lights bright flashing
all my dreams came crashing
this is the night
Track Name: Blinders
Fifth of November in my bed
as I regret those long good byes
some people never really change
and all that's been will come to pass

I bet my honor on the rain
and all the things you did for me
the time has come and I am free
to lay myself in this damp cell

See how it fades
cast yourself away, all alone
Washing away
all you ever loved,
and the things you saved
where you gonna run,
for the creatures reign
in the shade.
Track Name: In the Hour of the Wolf
We were there and we were young
your eyes fixed on sadness
In a second all we knew
turned violently into
fire cracking up the walls
the night sounds are dying
creeping out and walking back
oh what a wonderful burn

How low

Can you see her?
She’s crying in the night
falling crushed and helpless
We are on fire
calling out
coming armed and dangerous
claiming our land back

How bad

Teach them hard and teach them well
the words can’t be spoken
I was older way back then
when you tried to push him
out the window into the road
all bloodied and battered
a sickness that eats men alive
leaving nothing behind
in this world
there’s someone
with you all the time

To see you crying in the night
falling crushed and helpless
We are on fire
calling out
coming armed and dangerous
claiming our land back

See her, she’s trying
Track Name: Cellar Door
I die because I want to
I die cause I don’t care
This is the time of restoration
That the wise men seemed to yearn

I fear in isolation
With my tongue inside my mouth
All the roads will keep on winding
In the year of broken hearts

The truth is undermining
This is my only chance
I’ve been flirting hard with madness
I’ve been practicing my lines

Admit that you’ve been crying
Say it loud and clear
Is it just a little tragic
that we’ve all chosen to fear?

If could crawl back home
Lost beyond the road
Lines so diffuse
let them come let them come to you
Track Name: Valley of Light
In a land of endless summer
I had never felt so cold
I was soaked on April showers
in a wink I’m growing old

Shiny blue eyes
closing slowly
swiftly with a ray of light
I was moving in the shadows
watching as the years go by

Hear my voice
shed this heart
these old hands
these old hands

Calling out across the water
to the land of deeper thoughts
there were times of doubt and sorrow
that we spent in blissful joy

Hear my voice
shed this heart
I was lost
now I’m found

Take these woes
and these sighs
as I walk
in this sequence of shadows
this valley of light
some of them thought I would never survive you
some of them thought I would never survive
some of them thought I would never survive you